The NATCHEZ TRACE VILLAGE PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION (NTV POA) was incorporated on Pctober 20, 1975, as an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is comprised of all residences in the Natchez Trace Village Subdivision who are in good standing, having paid their annual dues.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the NTV POA, Inc., is to enforce the covenants set up by the developer. Our covenants were designed to preserve the unique character of the neighborhood (our individuality which makes the Village such a nice place to live).

Mandatory Membership And Fee. As set forth in the Covenants, you became a member by purchasing property in the Village, and membership is mandatory. A maintenance fee of $50 per lot is asssessed annually for the 12 month period beginning November 1st and ending OCtober 31st. The fee is payable in the month of February each year.

Every member must pay the annual maintenance fee because it is used for the mutual benefit of everyone in the Village to protect our property values and to maintain and improve our lakes and dams, entrances, and other common areas. This sharing of expenses allows residents to enjoy benefits that the individuals might not otherwise afford.

Governing Body. It is the responsibility of your elected Board of Governors to enforce covenants, collect maintenance fees, aqdopt the budget of operations each year, and to oversee maintenance and improvements of the common areas.

The Board of Governors is also your representative in dealing with City, County, or State issues which affect the subdivision.

Property Owners' Responsibilities. Read and become familiar with the protective covenants. Abide by them. Their purpose is for your own protection.

Obtain Board Approval of All Construction or Alterations. Before making any additions or alterations to your property, you must have the plans approved by the Board. City permits may also be required, and the City will not consider permits without written approval of the NTV Board.

Procedures Concerning Issues Involving The City. The City of Madison and the Board of Governors have agreed to follow certain procedures for issues involving NTV property owners and the City.

Property owners should address any individual issue, such as sewer, garbage, police, fire, etc., that pertains solely to a specific property directly with the City.

All issues affecting NTV in general should be addressed in writing directly to the board (P.O. Box 178, Madison, MS, 39110). Issues include, but are not limited to, roads and ditches, drainage, traffic, and requests for street lights. The Board will address these issues directly with the City.

Appearance of Your Property. Each property owner is responsible for the appearance of his property. Anything that is done, or left undone, to your property should not adversely affect the neighborhood.

It is expressly prohibited to store dilaidated cars, trash, or other unsightly materials upon any lot.

No property owner (or any person under his direction or employ) shall dump, or cause to be dumped, any trash, limbs, debris, or materials of any kind whatsoever upon a vacant lot or the property of another.

Mowing and Maintenance Requirements.

  1. Lots With Houses. The owner shall keep the grass on said lot neatly cut and free of weedy growth, litter, and rubbish of any kind. All foundations plantings, shrubs, flower beds, and any other landscaping shall be maintained in the manner appropriate for the type plantings and which will contribute to the overall beauty and curb appeal of the property.
  2. Vacant Lots. The owner of a vacant lot shall keep the property free of all litter and rubbish of any kind. The front fifteen feet of the lot shall be maintained to facilitate the mowing of the street right-of-way. Lots that are sparsely wooded shall be mowed every two months during the growing season. Lots that are densely wooded shaall be mowed twice a year.


DATE: In the month of September at the time and place specified by the Board of Governors.

NOTICE: To be given ten days prior to the meeting.

PURPOSE: Annual business meeting and election of governors.

VOTING: Only those property owners who have paid all fees may vote at the Annual Meeting. Members shall cast only one vote per lot for each of the seats to be filled for Board of Governors.


NOMINATIONS: Article VI.C. of the By-Laws provides that the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a nominating committee of five members to submit a list of nominees to each seat to be filled. Nominations for those seats may also be made from the floor.

More information will be added here soon, we hope.