The COVENANTS (legal restrictions) that apply to the residents of the NATCHEZ TRACE VILLAGE are as follows. Please note, these covenants are LEGAL DEED RESTRICTIONS that apply to ALL residents of NTV, and not only to members of the Property Owners Association.

DISCLAIMER: While these covenants are as accurate as we can make them at this time, they are provided here for general reference only and make no representation as to being either complete or accurate. For complete and accurate information on the current covenants, please contact the Board of Governors.
  1. The property conveyed herein shall be known and described as residential property and no structure shall be erected, placed, altered, or permitted to remain on said lot other than a residential building meeting the specifications and requirements hereinafter set out; however, nothing herein contained shall be construed in such as way as to prohibit the continued use and maintenance of a water well or pumping system to be installed in and around the property, provided the operations of said wells and water system over and across any of the property does not interfere with the construction of homes on any of the lots.
  2. No dwelling house shall be constructed on the said lot having an area of less than 1,800 square feet of living area for a one story house, nor having less than 1,200 square feet of living on the lower floor of a one and one-half or two story house.
  3. No noxious offensive, dangerous, or illegal activities shall be carried on upon any of said property, undeveloped lots, roads, or other property in Natchez Trace Village, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be of may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. Particular reference is made to the operation and use of firearms and recreational vehicles.
  4. No type structures shall be erected on any of the lots in said subdivision without prior submission of the plans and specifications to the Board of Governors of Natchez Trace Village, hereinafter provided for, and approval of such structure must hereinafter be obtained from the said Board of Governors prior to construction.
  5. No changes or alterations shall be made after the original construction of the structure on a lot until such plans and specifications for the alterations have been submitted to, and approved, in writing, by the Board of Governors of Natchez Trace Village as said Board is hereinafter set out.
  6. The owner of the property shall keep the grass on said property neatly cut and shall keep the property free of weeds, litter, and rubbish of all kinds.
  7. No trailer, other than a boat trailer, shall be placed or maintained on said property.
  8. This property main not be subdivided; however, nothing herein contained shall prevent the owner of two adjoining lots from treating the combined area of the two lots as one building lot, in which event the setback line for building purposes shall be construed and interpreted to apply to the outside lines of the two combined lots and not to the line which is common to both lots.
  9. No dwelling shall be located on any residential lot nearer than 50 feet to the front lot line, nor nearer than 25 feet from any side lot line.
  10. It is understood and agreed that the land conveyed herein shall be bound by those Protective Covenants and by rules and regulations formulated by the Board of Governors of Natchez Trace Village. The Board of Governors of Natchez Trace Village shall consist of five persons, who must be property owners in the area known as Natchez Trace Village. The Board of Governors shall be the governing body to represent the property owners in Natchez Trace Village, and members of the Board of Governors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the property owners. The date of the Annual Meeting, the term of office of the members of the Board of Governors, and the procedure for electing members to the Board of Governors shall be determined by the Board of Governors and shall be set forth in the Bylaws of an association of the property owners in Natchez Trace Village, to be known as the Natchez Trace Village Property Owners Association. At meetings of the property owners in Natchez Trace Village, a property owner shall have the right to cast one vote for each lot owned in Natchez Trace Village. If a lot has more than one owner, said owners shall be entitled to only one vote. Any member of the Board of Governors shall be elected by a majority of the lot owners voting at the meeting.
  11. The board of Governors may make such rules and regulations affecting the use of the subject property as they so desire, said rules and regulations to include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Any structure for mooring boats to be erected shall be first submitted to the Board of Governors with complete plans and specifications, which specifications shall require constructions of treated lumber and sid structure must be approved by the Board of Governors as to the width, height, location, design, and specifications of any structure. No structure of wood shall be erected that is not neatly painted with two coats of paint. No piers or any other structure shall be erected or shall extend into the lake abutting the property, said lake being known as the Natchez Trace Village Lake.
    2. With the permission of the Board of Governors lot owners may permit guests to maintain boats on their property, provided that such privileges do not interfere with the other property owners' rights and privileges; however, no boat of any kind owned by any person other than the owner of the lot in the herein above descried land shall be allowed to be moored or maintained in any adjacent water on a permanent basis.
    3. The owner of each lot except the owner of Natchez Trace village shall annually pay a maintenance charge for the purpose of creating a fund to be known as the "Natchez Trace Maintenance Fund." The amount of the annual charge may be fixed by the Board of Governors but, in no event, shall exceed Fifty Dollars per year, per lot. The purpose of the maintenance fund, among other things, may include but is not limited to the upkeep of public right-of-ways, insect control, employment of a watchman, repair and maintenance of any facility designed for the benefit of the property owners in the subdivision and the payment of any taxes on any facility which provides for the general benefit of the lot owners.
    4. The Board of Governors shall have the power and authority to formulate rules and regulations in addition to those herein set out, which rules and regulations in the onion of the Board of Governors shall add to the beneficial use of the subject property and shall contribute to the safety and beauty of the property.
  12. All homes shall be for the purpose of single family residential dwellings.
  13. The owner of the lot conveyed herein shall have the perpetual right to use the entire lake known as Natchez Trace Village Lake, and the owners of lots abutting on the lake shall use their lot as a means of ingress and egress to said lake. As to owners of lots which do not abut the lake, said owner shall be provided, along with other owners of lots not abutting the lake, with a common means of ingress and egress to the lake.
  14. All homes constructed on corner lots must face the point of intersection of the two streets abutting said lot.
  15. No entrance to any garage or carport shall face the street which abuts said lot.
  16. Enforcement shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any person violating, or attempting to violate any covenant.
  17. Invalidation of any of these covenants by judgment or court order shall, in no wise, affect any of the other provisions which shall remain in full force and effect.
  18. These covenants shall run with the land and shall be binding on all persons for a period of twenty five years from the date of this instrument, after which time these covenants shall be automatically extended for successive periods of ten years unless and instrument, signed by two-thirds of the then owners of the lots in Natchez Trace Village has been recorded, agreeing to the change in said covenants in whole or in part, or to revoke the covenants entirely.

More information will be added here when we receive updated information.